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Saxophone Lessons

Hello all. Welcome to my little part of the internet. Over the next while I will be expanding this site, first into a place where I can share some of my own lessons on the saxophone, and eventually I will be adding lessons from other saxophonists. If you find this site and feel you have something to contribute, please feel free to contact me, I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

I will be starting with local sax teachers, local to here, the west coast of Canada. But over time I will be collecting saxophone lessons from many different saxophone players that I know or that I can convince to send me information to post on my sax lesson site, this one,

I hope to collect a good selection of saxophone lessons from some of the great saxophone players alive today. I really hope to get saxophone lessons from some of my favourite sax players. Who knows if they will be interested in providing sax lessons for this site.

Hope you find the saxophone lessons here useful. Keep checking back for more sax lessons as I have time to post more information and take more photographs.

What I used for the Saxophone Lessons

I have used Selmer Super Action 80 series 1 and 2 saxophones for the saxophone lessons and pictures. I use Claude Lakey hard rubber and Dukoff metal mouthpieces with Legere Plastic reeds.

The Sax Lesson Disclaimer

I think I should add a disclaimer that the information posted here is all mine, is copyright and you are not free to copy it. If there is an item on this site you feel is copyright and should be removed, feel free to contact us and we will take it down. I take no responsability for any matters pretaining to the usage of these lessons. If you use this information, it is at your own risk.


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